Anne Hardy - A veteran magazine editor - hearst USA, Conde nast UK + Redwood Custom - with an eye for a STORY to TELL --

I see today's media landscape in a very exciting way - I dip into all areas of design, presentation + Social media, creating + curating your presence on the web + via engaging social campaigns that raise: awareness, energy + vitality for your: brand, product, launch + service. 

as a magazine editor, I look at everything through the eyes of your audience. What do they need to know about you + how are you going to show them + tell them who + what you are?

cultivating a distinct+ consistent voice + detailing your expertise is at the heart of everything we do. But it doesn't happen in a vacuum. #TEAMHARDYLON is how we do it. editors and tech experts Kerry brock, kathi moran + Jane levy dive deep into the worlds of your customers, influencers, media, followers, competitors + potential customers to understand your world and to bring yours to their attention. we mine new relationships and we always look to create ENERGY + BUZZ around your offerings, your point of view and your story.

Give the world EASY ACCESS to who + what you are. let's talk -

203 895 4525

where it all began - @hardylon's personal instagram feed. seeing some of the cool things - since 2013.