ROLE - website design + development for, fall 2015, FULL SITE REVIEW WINTER 2018.

Project basics - working with Charlotte + Team, Design + develop a new website for Charlotte Barnes Design.


  • review existing site, deep dive into missing elements + wish list for new site.

  • old site lacked functionality, compelling voice, copy, full range of business + connectivity. 


  • new site to utilize location photography + CREATE consistent, visual look + feel to brand, including detailed bio + reference section.

  • Use text + imagery to incorporate color + movement into site.

  • curate Charlotte's Unique + high level voice to populate site in every detail.


  •  site must express designer's expertise + experience, including background.

  • share, in readable fashion, designer's journey from fashion to design + Process, detailing multidimensional project work.

  • present editorial voice + imagery (including product), in consistent + brand appropriate manner.


website + images on this PAGE © Charlotte Barnes