ROLE - Hardylon Website Design + Development for Fall 2015. UPDATED SITE LAUNCHED WITH ECOMM WINTER 2017. Hardylon Social Media Guest Edit November 2015 - present  

project BASICS - partner with devon woodhill Founder + Designer, Melissa Levy to create a brand voice that accurately reflects her intersection of design + business; developed new website, on-going social media guest edit.


  • Devon Woodhill brand strong in high-end boutiques + saks in the metro NYC + Boston area, with a loyal following.

  • once site was complete, DW was in control of its proprietary web message.

  • social feeds could be harnessed as daily deliverers of the unique,  special culture.


  • develop voice to share designs + culture around Devon Woodhill Jewelry.

  • social media curation/creation w product + lifestyle images to express values of simplicity, modernity, style + emotive quality.

  • support with text and relevant, proprietary hashtagging.

  • build the following organically by using site content to populate feeds.


  • with voice established on site, curate + create content for social platforms to embody those core brand values. 

  • speak to the associated worlds of fashion, design +  lifestyle, use signature hashtag #CarryLovewithyou frequently via the narrative.

  • use social media to source future business partnerships.


  • site has had over 35,000 page views since launch.

  • followers in the same period on the primary social media platform, Instagram, have nearly doubled, including notable media + wholesale follows.

  • Engagement per post is up on average 75%.

  • new retail venues + National press have discovered the brand via social media + existing retailers receive the Media support.

instagram live feed here -