ROLE - HARDYLON SOCIAL MEDIA GUEST EDIT September 2015 to August 2017.

project BASICS - Successful retailer + e-Tailer Walin & Wolff, Founded in 2011 by Saks ex-CEO Christina Johnson + Wall Street retail analyst Kim Walin, seek an editorial voice for their unique assortment of designer shoes, bags, jewelry + accessories.


  • growing position as a designer goods retailer, in the affluent towns in which they operate.

  • Social Media credibility growing; desire to build + engage local clientele.

  • Room to grow via national + global fashion social conversation with media, influencers, bloggers + wholesalers.


  • business goal obvious for a retailer - sell more. But space is crowded, so develop + share their Distinct POV via editorial voice.

  • create their own unique story + take on their fashion world, communicated and pushed out, via social media.


  • developed an authoritative, approachable social media voice - exPert in fashion, but understandable; trend-knowledgeable but not fashion victim.

  • Create + curate content for freshness + interest, MIX product + lifestyle.

  • timely posting + response critical for lively feel.

  • narrative speaking to customer, industry insider or influencer, engaging all, to place Walin & Wolff as a go-to in the designer category.


  • Organic followers on the platform of primary focus, Instagram, up 57%.

  • Average engagement per post in the same period up 44%, including National Media attention.

@walinandwolff live instagram feed here -